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4 November 2014 – This has been sitting in our “InBox” for a few weeks (we average 2,000 emails a week so sometimes we may be a bit slow to respond to many of you. Our apologies).

But anyhow, if you have not heard, the DOJ released its app “DOJ Law Jobs” this past September. It features listings of current openings for experienced and entry-level lawyers, as well as paid and volunteer internships for law students. According to the DOJ press release it “has opportunities for you at every stage of your legal career” although as we have noted in numerous posts, the jobs are notoriously highly selective.

The app is intended as informational and does not enable applying for these openings. You need to follow links to actually submit your resume and apply for the positions. But it is extremely comprehensive and you can search by location (throughout the U.S. plus overseas positions) and you can save and email job notices.  And you can select “areas of law” to find the offices that handle your favorite practice areas, including antitrust, tax and immigration.

The app is available on iTunes for Apple iPhone and iPad and also for Android devices so just log into your app store.

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