Solon Legal supports the “Going Global – The China Factor” event at George Washington Law School

“We have benefited so much over the years from the great work of our contract attorneys and translators that we really think it is important to give back. It is not always an easy haul being a contract attorney. There are not a lot of folks looking to provide them with continuing education and networking opportunities. So I think it is up us, as the staffing agencies, to sponsor and promote events that might assist our attorney pool. That is why Solon Legal supported the GW Law event”
– Russ Day, President of Solon Legal Group LLC

19 December 2017 – Yes, as we have noted before: contract attorneys are often maligned, the streets of American cities haunted by their ghosts, destroyed by the thugs of commerce and technology. Amid the bacchanal of “legal disruption”. They hover between a decent poverty and an indecent one; they are expected to render the fruits of their labors for little, sometimes nothing. And I use the word “nothing” when you tote up the net effect of daily cost-of-living expenses, health insurance, loan repayments, etc.

No other Western country – and this is still the richest, most powerful in the world – saddles its youth, when they are least able to the pay it, with the monstrous debt load that exists today.
For contract attorneys, advancing technology is the primary villain. And the chimera called the legal “profession”. But the more immediate culprit is the institutionalization of an economic model so focused on quick, self-serving rewards, and so inured to long-term social costs. In America it seems it is all about the money, only about the money.
Solon Legal (based in D.C.; they have posted jobs with us for years) has always tried to be as good as it can be in this market vis-a-vis its attorney base.  Last month they put their money where their mouth is and ponied up to buy 15 tickets to the “Going Global – The China Factor” event at George Washington University Law School, a fascinating event that examined the many aspects of U.S.-China commerce (click here).
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Rachael Conti

Said Rachael Conti, Director of Client Services at Solon Legal Group LLC:  
“We have a large base of Chinese-fluent attorneys who handle our document reviews and translation projects from law firms and companies – primarily in the DC metro area – but throughout the country and in Singapore. From the start, we have always believed foreign-language capabilities to be a critical and, in some ways, more enduring part of the market. So we have focused on bringing aboard a great group of talented and highly-skilled attorneys and translators to serve that market. They continue to do a great job for us and for our clients.
We saw the GW event as an opportunity to give these members of our Chinese team a chance to jump into issues they might find of interest.  We will be repeating this again in 2018 with other events in technology, career advancement, etc.  They will not all be language specific. One thing I have learned, as have many in this market, is that contract attorneys and translators can be an incredible resource for the legal community.”
We salute Solon Legal for stepping away from the crowd and doing what it can for its contract attorney pool. I think activities such as Solon’s event sponsorship, even in a small way, improves the work-life balance of employees and gives them a competitive advantage.
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