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The “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” Seizes the Spotlight

From:, November 9, 2008 In the fervor of conducting trade globally, U.S. companies may inadvertently expose themselves to risk by having inadequate policies, procedures, and monitoring controls

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A Primer on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

For an excellent primer on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act from the Pennsylvania Litigation Blog  click here.

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India Lures Corporate Outsourcing

From: The National Law Journal, October 15, 2008 While you might expect the production of a button-down shirt to be outsourced to Guadalajara, most lawyers would not expect their caseloads to be shipped

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A Post About Ethics Rules, Offshoring and Mark-Ups on Contract Attorney Fees

From Carolyn Elefant of Legal Blog Watch: “Do state ethics codes deter offshoring of legal services to India, therefore enabling U.S. firms to charge higher prices for services? And should firms

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