What The Posse List is About


The Posse List is now over 11 years old. We are a member of The Project Counsel Group: www.theprojectcounselgroup.com.  All information listservs and job liservs for all members of The Project Counsel Group are managed by The Posse List.

* We post document reviews, paralegal positions, forensics positions, litigation support positions, project management positions, compliance positions, general counsel/assistant general counsel positions – pretty much everything across the legal employment field.  We also post special projects and surveys.

* We also provide information about the legal market.

* Our job and information posts go to almost every region: U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Persian Gulf and Asia Pacific.

* There are now 82,000+ subscribers across all lists.

* We maintain 100+ listservs (we are always adding lists) that are categorized by region and specialty (finance, intellectual property, language) as well as by geographic region.


Our history and where we are today

When we started The Posse List in 2002 our base was contract attorneys, the lawyers who worked on document review and production — the “right side” of the EDRM.   These cases required an army of attorney and paralegal document reviewers — called in like a “posse” at the last minute, as needed.   Law firms adopted the cost-saving manufacturing principle of “just-in-time” production, and applied it to a service industry: hire attorneys “just when you need them” but only on a short-term, part-time basis.

But as the technology improved, the need for these large numbers dwindled.  But there was an increase in the need for greater sophistication and expertise in ESI management and e-discovery.

Now our members include contract attorneys, forensics consultants, paralegals, in-house counsel, law firm attorneys, solo practitioners, e-discovery companies, legal media entities, law school recruitment offices and numerous legal support professionals.

Every weekend we publish a legal update: a snapshot of some interesting eDiscovery issues, corporate risk developments, technology considerations, and other legal news from the past week on our Reading site: The Electronic Discovery Reading Room.

Have a question?  Need advice?  Have a comment or suggestion?  Email us at: manager@theposselist.com