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Why, In An Economic Downturn, Is the DC Bar Trying to Kill One Tool That Can Help Lawyers Find Clients and Jobs?

The legal profession is on the skids like never before — though you’d scarcely realize it from visiting a bar association website.  As law firms shed attorneys at an unprecedented rate —

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Contract attorneys and the changing legal landscape

Last night’s and this morning’s lead story in the legal media:  800 law firm jobs lost in one day.  And there will be more firings to come (click here for a sample).    For the contract

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Live Nation and Ticketmaster in merger, but antitrust nightmare ….

… which could be good for contracts attorneys if it ever gets to a review. Regulatory experts and antitrust attorneys reviewing the merger say it could be delayed by an antitrust review because of

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E-Discovery Gets Funkier at LegalTech (a review of some vendors)

We cruised the exhibit hall at LegalTech and found some interesting products out there and spoken to a number of vendors and attendees.  We’ll be adding more reviews later this week. During this

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Contract Attorney Primer: A note on security clearances and Federal government contract work

We are getting a lot of questions on security clearances so we thought we’d put out a primer. There is an increase in the number of Federal government projects and positions coming into the DC Metro

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The Gap to Fellow Corporate Counsel: “Use Contract Attorneys”

As noted by Rees Morrison in his blog Law Department Management (click here),  the December 2008 issue of the ACC Digest (the magazine of the Association of Corporate Counsel) reports on the ACC Annual

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